The history of Yamae Chestnuts

Selected to be presented to the Emperor


Ever since presenting the chestnuts to the Emperor in 1977, people in Yamae Village are putting their passion into harvesting chestnuts that meet up to the past achievement.

For a long time, it has been used as ingredients in famous confectionery shops in Obuse and Ena, which are both famous for their chestnuts. So we are proud to say our chestnuts are valued for their taste and quality.

All the types of chestnuts made in Yamae were loved by people in and out of the village with the name of “Yamae Chestnuts.”


The presentation of the chestnuts to the Emperor

was big news to the village.

After the ceremony for harvesting in the fields,

the best Yamae Chestnuts headed to Tokyo.

(From “Koho Yamae” No.49, published on Oct. 25, 1977) 

The danger Yamae Chestnuts faced


When Yamae Agricultural Cooperative was merged to Kuma Area Agricultural Cooperative, the Yamae Chestnuts were put together with Kuma Chestnuts when shipping, so the true “Yamae Chestnuts” disappeared from the market.

Being unable to use the name “Yamae Chestnuts” and to show their pride, there were a few farmers that stopped shipping the chestnuts, but in the village there still were events to enjoy the chestnuts and national chestnut summits. The Yamae Chestnuts were always in close bond with the development of the village.

The future of Yamae Chestnuts


In 2008, there was a movement to rebrand the chestnuts. People tried to make Yamae Chestnuts popular again by creating a way for producers to sell the chestnuts directly and by promoting them in urban areas.

Now, there are many products using Yamae Chestnuts.

The specs of Yamae Chestnuts

Number of producers: 190 people

(As of 2017)

Produced area: 136.5 ha

(As of 2015 Orchard Promotion Result)

The number of chestnut nursery trees: 4,472

(The number of tree supports done by Yamae Government Office)

The number of Chestnut trees in the village: About 54,600

(Estimation. When planted in 5m distance, it would be 400/ ha)